Acting 101


Be a Master Thespian!

Acting 101 will serve to acquaint the student with the basics of acting. Using a variety of exercises and projects we will explore levels of awareness and connection use in acting: relationship to self, others, and the text. From presence to non-verbal communication, improvisation to scripted scene work, we will investigate the actor’s process from beginning to end. With a shared vocabulary, students will be introduced to techniques for analyzing text, developing character, accessing creative impulse, and working as an ensemble. Assignments may include improvisation, scene work, monologue work, physical and vocal warmup, reflective and critical writing.

Above all, actors must be present – in this age of multitasking, being fully present, focused and engaged can be challenging. It is expected that the student will meet this challenge by being present, preparing all assignments, and contributing positively to the experience of the whole ensemble.