Fitness & Nutrtion


Before, during and after-school fitness and nutrition classes designed to teach the basics of fitness and nutrition education through cardio-vascular and aerobic game playing. This class will teach students about life long wellness activities they can enjoy throughout their lives with their families, at their schools, and in their communities. Students will also experience the opportunity to practice fundamental sports skills and non-competitive personal wellness activities. Nutrition Education is infused throughout the aerobic game playing. Leadership skills, cooperative skills, teamwork and social emotional learning is weaved into each lesson plan and can be tailored to connect to each individual school’s strategic plan and overall character building blueprint. Students will leave this class smiling, sweaty and with fitness and nutrition facts to enhance their health and self-esteem. “Every child succeeds” is the motto of this class. This class is aligned with National Physical Education Standards and also aligns with Kentucky and Ohio Physical Education Standards. This class can be used during the day to add to the school’s overall Physical Education minutes to help them achieve National Recognition for several national awards programs and can help schools become compliant with the USDA’s regulation for Nutrition Education.