Crystal Clear Science


Skool Aid is partnering with during the 2018-2019 school years to offer the following programs:

May The Force Be With You - This program teaches big ideas in energy, forces, magnetism, electricity and motion, with an eye-popping demonstration that will leave you wanting more!

Sounds Like Fun - A fast-paced program, filled with audience participation, as we learn about pitch, volume and the science of sound! Kids will learn several fun experiments they can try at home!

Wonderful Water - Kids will be surprised to find out what they don’t know about sinking and floating as they participate in an interactive group experiment. View the “magical” demonstrations in surface tension that kids can easily reproduce at home and will have them talking bout this program all year!

Weather Wonders - Sun, air, water…and so much more! Awesome demonstrations of air pressure, lightning and thunder will jumpstart kids’ understanding of the world around them. Experiments in Bernoulli’s principle, static electricity, and the water cycle inspire the meteorologist in all!

Steam Powered Recycling - Empower kids by letting them know they can CHANGE THE WORLD! This program teaches students where things come from and where they go. Electromagnets, generators, lasers and change of state demonstrations help kids see the science, technology, engineering and math that go on behind the scenes.

Math and Science Connection - A bed of nails, a wondrous windbag, and magic divers will teach your kids that science and math are the best of friends! The power of measurements and and numbers come to life during this program. Kids will be excited to realize they already know many of the math and science connections around us!